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We operate primarily in two industry groups, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Construction Products. 

For over 20 years, InOvate Technologies, Inc. has focused on improving exhaust performance for residential clothes dryers.  Originating with the Dryerbox®, a transition duct receptacle that saves space and protects against crushed hoses, the South Florida-based company has a track record of patenting and licensing unique solutions that solve common dryer venting problems.  InOvate’s success has been rooted in the company’s ability to market directly to builders, architects, engineers, and contractors and pull those sales through over 2,000 HVAC supply houses nationwide. 

As growth continued, InOvate expanded its distribution channels and product mix to grow beyond new construction applications.  Service companies, property/facility managers, and retail consumers have all gravitated towards InOvate’s goods to maximize safety, efficiency, and enhance exterior aesthetics for existing single family and multifamily properties.  Today’s core product lineup includes The Dryerbox®, Dryer-Ell®, DryerWallVent™, DryerJack®, Defender guards, DryerFlex™, DryerPlacard, DryerClamp, and the LintAlert®. 

InOvate’s staff is driven by a customer-first mindset supported by an upbeat company culture that exudes an entrepreneurial drive.  The company takes pride in supporting American manufacturing as most of its products are made in the USA.  Looking forward, InOvate is poised to strengthen its position in new residential construction while growing exponentially in emerging verticals.